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IAA node panel

Jonatan Liljedahl 19 Jan 2018

Some have been wondering how I did the IAA node panel UI in my AUFX apps, shown when tapping the host icon while connected to a host.

Instead of just switching to the host, it shows a popup with icons for all nodes currently hosted in the same host, allowing easy switching between them.

Even though I’ve found no API to get such a list of sibling IAA nodes, there’s a public built-in UIView subclass in CoreAudioKit that shows this panel: CAInterAppAudioSwitcherView

It’s that simple. Just create an instance of this view, set the corresponding audio unit, and add it to some container view:

CAInterAppAudioSwitcherView *v = 
    [[CAInterAppAudioSwitcherView alloc] 
        initWithFrame:CGRectMake(0, 0, width, 80)];
[v setOutputAudioUnit:myAudioEngine.audioUnit];
[containerView addSubview:v];